Longtail, a wererat sorcerer with a quick mind, charisma and great ambitions, brought together a diverse force of humanoids to accompany him on his quest. Gathered from the disaffected elements of half a dozen tribes; kobolds, troglodytes, orcs and even an ogre rallied to his side and agreed to make the journey with the fiend.

Fueled by the promise of treasure and led by the lizardfolk guides, Longtail’s force made its way through a region under the control of the church of Saint Cuthbert. The only thing they left on their path was havoc and destruction.

A few days ago, the army marched into a mountainous region. Nobody knows why, since it those mountains aren’t inhabited at all. Rumors even say these mountains are cursed.

WELCOME to the world largest dungeon

World Largest Dungeon (2e)